Map of Mega-Cities
Map of Mega-Cities

Global Network

From small circles of grassroots groups in some of the largest cities of the world, Mega-Cities has erected a great chain linking each of these together to promote new, cooperative methods of solving the urban problems which are common to these cities.

Rather than each independently striving to cure its own ills, Mega-Cities provides a forum for communication and innovation, thus speeding the process of recovery for even the most poverty-stricken areas. Cooperation, not isolationism is key.

Cities currently active in the Mega-Cities Network:

London, Great Britain
Moscow, Russia
Paris, France
North America
Los Angeles, United States
New York City, United States
Latin and South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mexico City, Mexico
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil
East and Southeast Asia
Bangkok, Thailand
Beijing, China
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines
Shanghai, China
Tokyo, Japan
South Asia
Calcutta, India
Delhi, India
Karachi, Pakistan
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Middle East and Africa
Accra, Ghana
Cairo, Egypt
Johanesburg, South Africa
Lagos, Nigeria
Nairobi, Kenya

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