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The Megacities Approach to Strengthening Civil Society
"Urban Leadership for the 21st Century: Scaling Up and Reaching Out from the Neighborhood Level," was a five-year project with 120 grassroots leaders in New York and Los Angeles. Funded by the Kellogg Foundation, its goal was to identify, connect and scale-up into public policy the most system-challenging innovations across neighborhoods and ethnic groups, within metropolitan areas. It generated the following two products:

Urban leadership for the 21st Century - Brochure
(574 K)Documents the process to seek out, encourage, and connect grassroots leaders, and the long term impact in communities and civil society. 1997. MCP-045

Urban Leadership for the 21st Century: Scaling Up and Reaching Out From the Neighborhood Level
(516 K)
Describes in detail the project's methodology and year-by-year activities. Includes contributions from the grassroots leaders, descriptions of each of the inter- and intra-city transfers, an analysis of lessons learned, and a closing chapter on leadership development. Publication in process; illustrated draft manuscript available. 1997. MCP-046

Catalogues of Innovative Leaders and Organizations: New York (1 vol.) & L.A. (3 vols.)
These 4 volumes profile 120 innovative leaders and their organizations from New York and Los Angeles, and offers proven, cost-effective solutions for issues including HIV-related health care, community economic-empowerment and youth drug rehabilitation, child-care, violence, housing re-habilitation and management, and service exchanges. MCP-047

New York Innovators: Effective Solutions to Urban Problems.
Vol. I, 50 pages. MCP-047A

Grassroots Innovations in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area,
Vol. II, 124 pages. MCP-047B
Vol. III, 54 pages. MCP-047C
Vol. IV, Supplement, 60 pages. MCP-047D

VISIONS for the Future Series
These 2 booklets profile the human faces of community leadership. Include pictures and quotes from New York and Los Angeles grassroots leaders. MCP-048

VISIONS For the Future of Metropolitan New York
A product of a course taught by Janice Perlman at NYU on Community Empowerment and prepared by undergraduate students, the booklet features 36 innovative leaders and their visions for the future of the city. 1995, 54 pages. MCP-04BA

VISIONS For the Future of Metropolitan Los Angeles
Representing the culmination of a 3-year program that identified, connected, and rewarded innovative grassroots leaders, the booklet features 27 organizations and possibilities for scaling up and transferring their initiatives. Prepared by the Los Angeles Mega-Cities team with the help of UCLA undergraduates. 1995,30 pages. MCP-048B

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